How Can Dental World Connected Help Improve My Dental Practice?

We are a forward-thinking, innovative online dental community. Think of Dental World Connected as a resource center created for the purpose of bringing dental professionals together in a safe community to share ideas and explore unique solutions collectively.

Our team has over 100 years of combined dental experience, knowledge, and wisdom. We have experienced and continue to experience the same trials and tribulations as you. We created Dental World Connected to serve you in a community setting because we believe in the wisdom of a community and the power of resolving problems collectively. Our online community taps into our collective intelligence and, as a result, we learn and grow more rapidly.

Dental World Connected provides comprehensive solutions for dental practices who want to reach the next level but for a variety of reasons have decided not to engage an on-site consultant. We have removed the obstacles and leveled the playing field. Our comprehensive program provides tools of the trade through our eBooks, forums, videos, articles, reading list, and so much more!

What Does the Report Card Offer My Dental Practice?

The report card is just one of the complimentary solutions we offer. The report card is a benchmark. If you receive a “no” response to a question in a certain area, that demonstrates the need for improvement. We then offer specific steps to improve your practice in that area. In addition to the report card, we will an outstanding treatment protocol, a treatment follow-up flowchart, and many more useful tools and free resources!

Can I Contribute My Dental Expertise to the Forum?

Please do so! Feel free to add topics, post comments, and be as interactive as you'd like. You've tapped into a community of people just like you who want to hear from you, and who can help you by sharing their own thoughts and ideas. The forum is yours.

How Can Your eBooks Help Improve My Dental Practice?

The eBooks are our gift to you because they are worth far more than your membership fee! Every eBook is content rich, filled with common sense, practical guidelines, protocols, systems, and proven tools of the trade. Check out the preview and table of contents in our eBook section. The Discovery I eBook is sent to every new member during the 30 day trial period. After that you may select the eBook of your choice every month, a service included in your $49 monthly membership fee. Our eBooks help you fulfill your leadership responsibilities and they provide guidance to your team. The eBooks serve as a training tool for new team members too, especially partnered with our article library, video collection, and other resources. The eBooks are created in Word for easy editing so you can tailor them to resonate for you and reflect your unique practice philosophy.

Can I Purchase an eBook in Addition to My Free Monthly eBook?

Some members don't want to wait almost two years to receive all of the eBooks. For example, you may decide you want to implement changes in a few areas, such as hygiene, dental assistants, and front desk, concurrently. However, you don't want to wait three months to receive all three eBooks. You have the opportunity to purchase additional eBooks for a nominal fee by clicking on the eBook you wish to purchase and following the instructions.

Why Does Dental World Connected Charge a Membership Fee?

We offer quality information, a safe haven in a private community, compelling educational videos, and content rich monthly eBooks for $49 per month. This is an amazing opportunity! Your monthly fee will cost you $1.61 a day. Just one new idea, one answer to a longstanding concern, or one new relationship is worth far more than the monthly fee. The eBooks are truly the piece de resistance!

You are making an excellent choice and a wise decision by taking advantage of this incredible offer. Join today!

How are Membership Fees and eBook Payments Processed?

Our clients can pay for membership and our eBooks by selecting the “eBooks” icon, and then clicking “Buy Now,” which will take you to PayPal's secure site for processing.

What Forms of Payment Does Dental World Connected Accept?

Through PayPal, we are able to accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and your PayPal account.

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

When logged in, simply click "My Profile" on the top right of any page, and then select "Cancel Membership" toward the center of the page. Follow the instructions to cancel your membership.

Can You Guarantee the eBooks Will Improve My Dental Practice?

Frankly, no. Whether a consultant offers advice online or onsite, the secret ingredient will always be your ability to lead and implement changes with your team. The bottom line is you're still the captain. You have to take the field, although it certainly helps to have talented, supportive team members who will help you achieve your goals. Dental World Connected believes the right tools can and do change behavior. We believe the successful utilization of our systems will guide you to reach the next level of success.

Ready to take the next step toward improving the efficiency, services, and bottom line of your dental practice? Contact us today.