The foundation of everything we do is for the purpose of providing shared enrichment to the dental community through our forums, eBooks, articles, videos and our dynamic reading list.

Our philosophy: reaching the next level will be achieved more rapidly through collaboration, sharing knowledge and resolving problems collectively.

Nancy Clark Crossin’s Story


Nancy Clark Crossin brings three decades of dental industry experience to Dental World Connected. An established catalyst and advocate, Nancy has long worked to help dental practices reach the next level through the power of collaboration, brainstorming and teamwork.

Nancy realizes that too often, improvement strategies tend to fade over time because of the hard issue of implementation, and the soft issue of people being resistant to change. 

Nancy's gift is her ability to bring people together -- by listening, supporting and meeting people at their individual level. Nancy has been sharing her wisdom, experience, ideas and enthusiasm one-on-one, in small and large teams, and now is able to serve more dental professionals through the Dental World Connected community.

Nancy created eBooks consisting of systems, protocols and scripts describing what to do and how to do it that have proven effective in practices of all sizes and technological sophistication. She’s demonstrated repeatedly that success depends on team involvement, strong leadership and the ability of the team to become an extension of the doctor’s practice philosophy.

Nancy's goal is to support, inspire and encourage dental teams to take action and move forward toward the next level of success, together.


Dr. Mitchell Quintner’s Story

Dr. Mitchell Quintner opened his practice in 1983. It has evolved into Sensitive Care Cosmetic and Family Dentistry LLC, a state of the art, paperless, high tech, multi-disciplinary dental practice with a team of 26, including 5 dentists.

A trail blazer in his profession, Dr. Quintner incorporates contemporary dental techniques in his practice and has earned a reputation for excellence in reconstructive dentistry, with a focus on Cerac cad cam restorations. A recognized authority, he served as Peer Review Chairman and President of the local Dental Society, and a consultant to insurance companies. Dr. Quintner has created more than 5,000 Cerac restorations and teaches design and implementation of this technique into the dental practices of his colleagues.

In addition to treating patients and managing his multi-million dollar practice, Dr. Quintner’s goals include sharing his expertise with others, enabling them to become more efficient in their practices, and attain the ability to provide high quality, cutting edge dentistry.

Kelly Cerillo’s Story

Kelly Cerillo is passionate about helping others achieve great results and making people smile! Initially hired as a part time receptionist, she has developed into a savvy business woman over the course of working in the dental field for 14 years. Kelly successfully manages a multi-million-dollar state of-the-art dental practice while ensuring that the mission, vision, goals and guiding principles of the practice are implemented and optimized.

Kelly has a strong business background, specializing in marketing, and her creative, forward thinking is well suited for today’s world. Kelly looks forward to actively participating in a wide variety of social media activities for Dental World Connected, such as Facebook, blogging, community development and management, and interacting with members on our forum.

Kelly believes a positive, enthusiastic attitude is contagious, which is one of the reasons she has partnered with Dental World Connected. Kelly has worked with Nancy for many years, and has found her experience, determination and professionalism to be inspiring. Nancy was hired as a consultant to assist her team in developing protocols, systems and management styles that have been proven to be successful, and she took our practice to new levels and helped us create a cohesive team.

Kelly looks forward to interacting with the Dental World Connected community to share her ideas and information because she believes and understands the DWC mantra -- "We’re better together!"